Cannabe Chatbot

Chatbot – Your personal assistant

A personal assistant helps you monitor your health and behavior to find the right program tailored specifically to your needs.

The assistant monitors your progress, gives valuable tips and warns you against risks. It is available 24/7 whenever you need help.

Mind fitness workouts

Improve your health and mood, change your mindset, build new habits and achieve goals.

In Cannabe you will find a rich set of tasks that will enable you to do just that: CBT, Mindfulness, Meditation, Journaling, Breathing Exercises and much more!

Education & tips

Find valuable content and interesting topics on our blog. The app will suggest personalized topics the most suitable for you!

Cannabe Mind fitness workouts
cannabe feedback desktop

Stats & weekly feedback

Track your progress and well-being with personalized graph analysis – visualizations of your experiences.

The more you track – the more valuable information
and feedback you get!

Learn what affects your mood.

Discover what works best for you.

Check your daily, weekly, and monthly work!

Smartwatch companion app

Use the app without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. Goals and progress summary, daily motivation, quick tips and advice.

Coming soon!

smartwatch 1

Check if Cannabe is for you

Cannabe Quit Marijuana
Quit Marijuana
I plan to stop using
  • personalized support program
  • quitting tips
  • risk prognosis (AI)
  • stats & weekly feedback
  • track usage
Cannabe Quit Marijuana
Reduce Marijuana Use
I plan to use less or less frequently
  • personalized support program
  • reduction tips
  • risk prognosis (AI)
  • earn rewards
  • stats & weekly feedback
  • track usage
Cannabe T-break
I want to take a break from using to enhance the effects
  • mind fitness workouts
  • valuable tips
  • stats & weekly feedback
  • track usage
Cannabe Quit Marijuana
& wellbeing
Want to better understand how use affects my health and wellbeing
  • track usage & symptoms
  • well-being stats
  • side effects monitoring
  • mind fitness workouts
  • education

Testers’ opinions

“The application helped me to understand what would happen to me on each withdrawal day and allowed me to prepare for it. Thanks to the app, I did not feel alone with the problem.”


Joe, 33

(Goal: T-break)

“Thanks to the app, I understood that my problem with smoking cannabis is not related to smoking itself, but also to previous events that I need to sort out and understand.”


Clara, 27

(Goal: Reduction)

“This app gives me the ability to change my mindset about smoking cannabis, about the fact that it is impossible to detach it from other parts of life and just stop. A good solution for those who do not want or have no way to go to therapy.”


Mike, 29

(Goal: Quit)

Cannabe Quit Marijuana

Get instant access and test the application – get involved with this app as it develops.

Cannabis education