cannabis usage during pregnancy

Cannabis Usage During Pregnancy

Using cannabis during pregnancy poses substantial risks to the developing fetus, leading to long-term health and developmental issues.

Cannabis – risks to the Newborn

A fetus is highly sensitive to external substances. Cannabis consumption during pregnancy exposes the child to several health risks. These include:

  • Reduced Birth Weight: One immediate consequence of cannabis use during pregnancy is the potential reduction in the newborn’s birth weight.
  • Developmental Difficulties: Long-term effects on children exposed to cannabis in the womb encompass impaired reasoning, deteriorated memory and attention, heightened hyperactivity, and an increased chance of substance misuse in the future.
  • ADHD: A more prevalent diagnosis of ADHD is noticed among children whose mothers consumed cannabis during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding and Cannabis

Even post-birth, cannabis consumption can impact the newborn, primarily if the mother is breastfeeding.

Cannabinoids from cannabis can transfer to the baby through breastfeeding. The compounds from cannabis linger in the system for several days, meaning the “pump and dump” method on the day of consumption is ineffective. The safest course of action is to abstain from any cannabis consumption until the baby is entirely weaned off or on formula.

In conclusion, while the benefits and recreational use of cannabis are widely discussed, it’s essential to stay informed about its dangers. Awareness and informed decisions can ensure safety and well-being.


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