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Cannabis and Driving: Risks and Recommendations

Driving under the influence is not limited to just alcohol; cannabis also poses potential dangers behind the wheel. With the rise in cannabis legalization and popularity, understanding the ramifications of mixing cannabis and driving is critical. This article will explore the risks associated with driving while high, and the nuances of different cannabis products, like CBD, in this context.

The Risk of Driving High

Understanding the implications of THC on driving skills. Driving under the influence of alcohol has been widely recognized as dangerous. Similarly, cannabis, particularly THC, impacts driving abilities. In the USA, cannabis remains one of the predominant substances detected in road crash-involved drivers. While some might assert that they can drive adequately while high, research contradicts such claims. Driving necessitates sharp attention and coordination, both of which THC hinders. The safety risks are too pronounced to ignore. Instead of taking chances, it’s advisable to opt for alternatives like waiting for a considerable time before driving, booking a ride, or staying over at a friend’s place.

CBD and THC-Free Products: Are They Safe?

Distinguishing between THC and CBD’s effects on driving. While THC-infused products are associated with impaired driving, CBD oil and other THC-free derivatives typically don’t present the same concerns. Generally, these products shouldn’t compromise your driving abilities. However, it’s essential to be aware of any individual reactions, such as drowsiness or fatigue, that these products might induce. If you experience such effects, err on the side of caution and choose an alternate mode of transport.


Cannabis, like other mind-altering substances, has its risks when combined with activities like driving. The safety of oneself and others on the road should always be paramount. It’s essential to understand the distinct impacts of THC and CBD on driving abilities and make informed choices that prioritize safety above all else.


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