FAQ – About Cannabe

What is Cannabe? 

Cannabe is a mobile app designed for cannabis users. It aims to assist them in quitting, reducing, or simply tracking their usage. Developed by a team of psychologists, researchers, therapists, and experts in the field, Cannabe serves as an accessible and invaluable support tool. 

What will I find in Cannabe? 

Cannabe simplifies the process of tracking your cannabis usage, dosage, and other related factors such as habits, activities, mood, and fatigue. As you input more data, the algorithm provides insightful feedback, illustrating how cannabis affects your state of mind and well-being. It can also predict your daily risk of usage and monitor mood fluctuations. 

The app features psychological exercises and programs to help you achieve your goals. Additionally, there’s an educational section filled with scientifically-backed content and tips about cannabis and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

How can Cannabe help me? 

Cannabe offers a platform to track your usage over time, fostering greater awareness and control. By recognizing your habits and behavioral patterns, you can make informed decisions. The app’s psychological exercises support and guide you in altering your relationship with cannabis, establishing new habits, or navigating challenging emotions. Challenges and plans within the app keep you motivated and goal-oriented. 

How do I use Cannabe? 

Upon launching Cannabe, you’ll answer basic questions about demographics like age and gender. You can then set your goal: quitting, reducing, taking a tolerance break, or merely tracking your usage. This goal can be adjusted later if desired. 

Based on your goal, Cannabe recommends specific plans and exercises. While some resources are available in the free version, the Premium version offers unrestricted access to all features, ensuring a tailored and comprehensive experience. 

I don’t want to quit weed – is Cannabe for me? 

Absolutely. Cannabe offers four distinct goals: quit, reduce, tolerance break, or health. Even if you’re not ready to quit, you can work on reducing your usage, take a tolerance break, or track your consumption for health reasons. 

I use medical marijuana – is Cannabe for me? 

Yes! Opt for the health goal. Cannabe’s tracking capabilities can help you observe cannabis effects and adjust dosages accordingly. The app also monitors factors like mood and fatigue, beneficial for medical marijuana users. 

I’m a healthcare provider/researcher working with cannabis users – is Cannabe for me? 

While Cannabe is primarily for individual users, we’re planning features beneficial for professionals, including healthcare workers and researchers. These enhancements might encompass analytics, advanced tracking, and detailed insights into cannabis usage trends. 

Is Cannabe like online therapy? 

Cannabe is a supportive tool, but it does NOT replace therapy or a therapist. 

Which platforms support Cannabe? 

Cannabe is compatible with both Android and iOS. Download it from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS). For the best experience, ensure you have the app’s latest version. 

Do I need to create an account? 

While creating an account is not mandatory, it’s highly recommended. By registering, you ensure that your data is safely backed up and can be retrieved if you log in from another device. Without an account, if you uninstall the app or lose your phone, your data will not be recoverable. Setting up an account is a simple step to safeguard your information against potential loss. 

What happens to my data? 

All data collected is stored as aggregate information. We utilize it to devise models for tailored psychological interventions. 

In which languages/countries is Cannabe available? 

Currently, Cannabe is in English. We’re working on adding more languages. Globally, you can download Cannabe wherever local regulations allow. 

Does Cannabe have a paid version? 

Yes, Cannabe offers both a free version called “Basic” and a paid version named “Premium” 

How can I pay? 

Cannabe accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and mobile payments. Ensure your payment method is current to prevent subscription interruptions. 

Is my payment secure? 

Yes. We prioritize security. All transactions are encrypted, processed via a secure gateway, and we don’t store credit card details. 

How do I cancel my subscription? 

Cancel anytime via the app’s settings under ‘Subscription’. Note: your subscription remains active until the current billing cycle’s end. 

Can I adjust notifications? 

Yes. Customize notification preferences in the app’s settings. 

Encountering technical issues? 

Contact our support team at support@cannabe.app for assistance. 

What’s in the Basic Free version? 

The Basic version includes: 

• Risk Level/Mood Level Tracking 
• Calendar 
• Usage Tracking 
• Basic Avatars (3-4 recommended) 
• Workouts (1 basic plan, 1 challenge) 
• Access to educational content 
• Statistics (only Risk Level/Mood level) 
• Profile (without Activity & Benefits) 

What’s in the Premium version? 

The Premium version offers: 

• All Basic features 
• Data backup 
• More avatars 
• All workouts, plans, and challenges 
• Full profile access 
• Comprehensive statistics 

Manage your subscription in the settings. You can switch between Basic and Premium or suspend your subscription, which will end based on your selected billing window.